Typo o’ the Day (pat. pending)

Headline of Bill O’Reilly’s column in Sunday’s Boston Herald op-ed page:

Palin’s back and bigger then ever

It was corrected on the Herald website, but still . . .

The same edition of the Herald featured a piece about the Scott Brown/Martha Coakley bakeoff with this bit of dulcet prose:

The candidates held no punches in a day of fast-paced campaigning before high-spirited crowds.

Don’t you mean pulled no punches?

Grammar, children.  Grammar.

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2 Responses to Typo o’ the Day (pat. pending)

  1. Jeff B says:

    No, “held.” Those punch bowls are too heavy to hold for long.

  2. Andrew says:

    I can see a subtle semantic difference between “holding” a punch (not punching when given the opening) and “pulling” a punch (not punching with the as much force as can be delivered.) A boxing metaphor used on an election, is concerned with which blows a candidate tries to land. Its hard to measure the force applied to it.

    For the than/then error, It seems another example of the make-the-red-squiggles-go-away style of editing.

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