Is the New York Times Buying a Ford?

During the past seven days the New York Times has run eight pieces about a potential U.S. Senate Democratic primary smackdown between former Tennessee congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr. (D-Playboy) and emergency back-up New York Sen. Kirsten E. Gillibrand (D-David Paterson).

So maybe the Times should change its banner to “All the Newsletter That’s Fit to Print”?

Not so fast.

Also over the past week, The New York Daily News has run 10 – count ’em, 10 – pieces on the Ford fiesta, while the irrepressible¬†New York Post has put Ford in the driver’s seat nine times.

Your pom-poms go here.

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4 Responses to Is the New York Times Buying a Ford?

  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    Why all the Ford focus?

  2. Adam Gaffin says:

    Sorry, was just a bad pun gone horribly awry. I owned a Ford Focus for six years :-).

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