Name That Decade: The Sequel: The Sequel

New addition to the Decadthalon!

New York Times columnist Clyde Haberman weighed in Tuesday with a piece headlined:

Telling Future? First, Let’s Try Naming Past

Haberman’s contribution to the festivities:

[L]et us briefly look back on the ’00s, a decade that in one respect ends exactly as it began: without a consensus on what we should call it. Plenty of names have been suggested over the years. The Oughts, the Naughts, the Naughties, the Zips, the Preteens, the Ohs and the Oh-Ohs are among the more familiar. You’ve probably heard them all. None has caught on.

Okay – time for the hardworking staff of Campaign Outsider to jump in the pool.

How about The Nils?

Can we get a witness?

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2 Responses to Name That Decade: The Sequel: The Sequel

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    How about:

    D I S A S T E R

    From start to finish is wasn’t very good.

  2. Lee says:

    Bless your enthusiasm, but don’t we need a skosh more distance before we name them?
    And parts of them were so, so dreadful perhaps we could try forgetting them?
    The Van Winkle Decade anyone?
    – Lee

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