Name That Decade: The Sequel

Campaign Outsider’s wildly unpopular Name That Decade maybe-contest has drawn up to zero submissions. Regardless, the hardworking staff soldiers on.

Which means we continue to read newspapers, resulting in our encountering the best decade-naming effort by far, compliments of the Boston Globe’s irreplaceable Dan Wasserman.

His editorial cartoon has Father Time assigning “THE ZEROES” to the Wall St. Crash, “THE OH, NOs” to Wars and Terror, “THE UH, OHs” to Climate Change, and “THE OWE OWEs” to Debt for future generations.


Dan wins the Campaign Outsider maybe-contest hands down.

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2 Responses to Name That Decade: The Sequel

  1. Ryan Guerra says:

    I created a name for this decade called the Unies. Uni is a Latin prefix that means one. The numbers between 0 and 9 are all one-digit. Uni is also a prefix that means to come together and make one, like university is a collection of colleges.

    I created a term for the next decade called the Decies. Deci is a Latin term that means ten. The numbers between 10 and 19 all have ten in common.

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