Steve Payliuca

On Saturday – three full days after the special-election primary to fill Ted Kennedy’s vacant U.S. Senate seat – the Missus received a mailer from former Senate hopeful and current merely Boston Celtics co-owner Steve Pagliuca.

The headline on the front of the mailer:

“Where I stand.”

Steve Pagliuca

Candidate for U.S. Senate

On the back:

Here is one more thing:

How do you know that when I go to the Senate I won’t be bought or bullied by the same special interests that are blocking our path to a better future? Here’s how you know: I won’t take a penny of their money. Ever.

Hey, Steve – you don’t have to take a penny of your own money, either. You lost. You can stop spending now.

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1 Response to Steve Payliuca

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Yes, Money-Pags wouldn’t take any money from special interests were he to have been elected to the U.S. Senate.

    Money from special interests like himself and his colleagues at Bain Capital, who spent money over the years on special interest lobbyists to influence lawmakers in Washington — like the previous holder of the senate seat.

    This part of the senate campaign had to have been the most two-faced imaginable. “I spent a bunch of money over the years on lobbyists so that I could make even more money — but now I am going to run for office, using some of that money I earned manipulating the system with my lobbyists, on the pledge to refuse money from special interests like me and my colleagues.” (Quotation invented, I think.)

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