Dead Blogging the Massachusetts Senate Primary

The hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider is always stretched thin on Election Day, and Dec. 8th was no exception.

Regardless, we started combing the streets of Brookline at the crack of 10. At Precinct 6, there were zero campaign supporters outside, and up to three voters inside. At Precinct 1, there were also zero campaign supporters outside, and we didn’t go inside.

(At 7:30 pm, there were two campaign supporters outside Precinct 1, and we didn’t go inside.)

After the polls closed, the hardworking staff stationed ourselves not at the various election-night headquarters (everybody goes there – it’s too crowded), but on the candidates’ websites, where our reporting efforts were immeasurably aided by the almost total lack of activity.

Exclusive Campaign Outsider Election-Night Webscan (pat. pending)

From the banners on the candidates’ respective websites at 1:30 Wednesday morning:

Martha Coakley – WE DID IT!

Mike Capuano – Vote on December 8th

Alan Khazei – From All of Us at Citizens for Alan Khazei: CONGRATULATIONS MARTHA COAKLEY, Democratic Nominee for U.S. Senate

Steve Pagliuca – Today Is Election Day. Please Vote for Steve Pagliuca.

And so we come to the Campaign Outsider Election-Night Final Grades®.

Alan Khazei (D-13%) looked like he wanted it too much.

Steve Pagliuca (D-12%) looked like Baby Huey too much.

Mike Capuano (D-28%) ran the gamut from grim to grumpy.

Martha Coakley (D-47%) ran the table.

(Hey, Scott Brown (R-88%): See you January 19th. Bring your snow shovel.)

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