Wire Service Friday

As it happens, Black Friday (amazing how quickly that retailers’ nickname for the day after Thanksgiving – it puts them in the black – became common currency in popular speech) increases not only sales at retail outlets, but wire-service salience at newspapers as well.

Case in point: The Boston Globe’s November 27 A section, which included a fat (by today’s standards) 36 pages.

As usual on most days, Page One featured only Globe bylines – four, to be exact. But the other 23 stories that filled the expanded-by-advertising newshole were plucked from the wires of the Associated Press, the Los Angeles Times (big time), the Washington Post, and the International Herald Tribune.

(Oddly, nothing from the Globe mother ship’s New York Times syndicate.)

Over all, a Bleak Friday for Globe content.



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One Response to Wire Service Friday

  1. af says:

    “Bleak Friday”. Cute. It almost makes the way over the top use of “Black Friday” these past couple of days, tolerable. BTW, if the paper is going to fill its pages with wire service and other publication writings, why don’t they just drop the pretense of being a newspaper, lay off all the reporters, and just keep a few ‘gatherers’ on staff to read other publications and copy their writings. Just thjink of the money they can save, then.

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