Kerry On

Nice piece in Wednesday’s New York Times about the political rebirth of Massachusetts’ finally senior Sen. John Kerry (D-Afghanistan).

[A]t 65, after a humbling spiral — from almost-president to Democratic scapegoat to campaign pariah (2006) to wannabe secretary of state (passed over for Hillary Rodham Clinton) — Massachusetts’ new senior senator has settled into an influential role as legislative bridge builder, international troubleshooter and party elder statesman.

But Kerry’s daughter Vanessa was having none of the Kerry-moped-for-two-years-and-now-he’s-back pabulum served up by the Times.

Vanessa Kerry, the senator’s younger daughter, bristles at any hint that her father has somehow been transformed of late. “I have the rare privilege of talking to my dad every night at 10 p.m. and hearing about what he did that day,” said Ms. Kerry, a resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. “To me, these conversations are still the same.”

Except now those conversations undoubtedly include some reference to her sibling Alexandra Kerry’s recent DUI bust in California, although the Times piece did not. Less reputable media sources, however, were -well – less circumspect than the Times.

Celebrity Corner – to take just one example – featured a photo of Alexandra in a see-through dress from a red-carpet appearance in 2004 to illustrate its coverage of her current DUI. And the site’s webghouls eagerly anticipated the inevitable mug shots of Alexandra:

There’s nothing better than a celebrity mug-shot and when Alexandra Kerry’s mug-shot comes out, it will be huge news.

Alexandra Forbes Kerry is the daughter of Sen. John Kerry, a one-time presidential hopeful. She has been charged for DUI in Hollywood, CA., reports Los Angeles police.

Police records show that Kerry was arrested shortly after midnight on Tuesday November 17, where likely Alexandra Kerry’s mug shot was taken and was released on a $5,000 bail at 5:25 am.

Meanwhile, over at the unread-by-millions (but believed by some) Celebgalz website, Alexandra Kerry was arrested actually wearing the notorious see-through dress:

Alexandra was wearing a see through dress when she was arrested. Kerry’s black dress was made of thin, see through material. The camera flash highlighted her lack of underwear.

Unfortunately, that news flash highlights the Internet’s lack of underpinnings.

Surfer, beware.


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