Wrestling with Dr. Samuel Johnson

How sweet was it that Sunday’s New York Times Book Review featured side-by-side reviews of a biography of the great critic-lexicographer-biographer Samuel Johnson and an autobiography of wrestler-celebrity-nobody Hulk Hogan?

So it was that Johnson’s “Falstaffian vitalism” paralleled Hogan’s “herculean body-slamming of André the Giant at Wrestlemania III.”

And Johnson’s “spiritual complexity and intellectual splendor” rivaled Hogan’s “raspy, bombastic voice and finger-pointing, chest-beating flair.”

And finally, this conclusion: “Johnson’s personality was worthy of Shakespearean representation,” while “[Hogan’s] compulsive confessing feels more like an effort to pre-empt the Us Weeklys and TMZs of the world.”

Johnson-Hogan Texas Death Match coming soon to a pay-per-view venue near you.





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