Fort Punt Channel

So the Missus and I went down to the South End for First Friday Open Studios and ran into Lisa Greenfield, a terrific artist who works out of Fort Point Channel.

And she – [Note to City Hall: Lisa is blameless in this; it was a slip of the keyboard, and late] –  I immediately went off on Boston Mayor-for-Forever Tom Menino because of:

1) His dismissible-out-of-hand comments on last Friday’s WBUR Radio Boston edition, during which Menino claimed that Fort Point Channel is a haven for artists, which it no longer is

2) Local news reports (Boston Herald story here) that a 25-story high-rise is in the works for the Fort Point area:

The project at 319 A Street Rear by Archon Group and Goldman Properties would be the neighborhood’s tallest building, at 240 feet, and include 232 apartments.

Question: Is this the Mayor Menino Bostonians will get during his fifth term – a guy who says one thing and does another?

Answer: Why would Hizzoner change one-trick-ponies in midstream?

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1 Response to Fort Punt Channel

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Mumbles has difficulty speaking out of the mouth he has. Who knows what is being said?

    Your guess is as good as anyone else’s!

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