Yank You Very Much

Bits & pieces from the Yankees’ 2009 World’s Serious win:

• If Game 6 was Hideki Matsui’s swan song in the Bronx, that was one sweet sound.

• Andy Pettitte is what used to be called a hoss – as in workhorse, a guy who ate up innings and won more than he lost. Turns out most-wins-ever-in-the-postseason Pettitte was, in hoss terms, Secretariat.

• So can we agree that most-hits-ever-in-the-postseason Derek Jeter is now officially a unanimous first-ballot Hall of Famer? Except some moron sportswriter in Des Moines will vote for Jeter third. Free the Derek Jeter One!

• So can we agree that most-saves-ever-in-the-postseason Mariano Rivera is now officially a unanimous first-ballot Hall of Famer? Except some moron sportswriter in Des Plaines will vote for Rivera third. Free the Mariano Rivera One!

• From our Ministry of Retractions©: The hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider has since 2004 said that the New York Yankees would never win anything (and by “anything” we mean the World’s Serious) with Mr. September Alex Rodriguez on the team. We were wrong. Rodriguez didn’t exactly carry the Yankees in the Serious, but he did a lot to carry them to it.


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5 Responses to Yank You Very Much

  1. As the old saying goes: “the 27th of anything is always the sweetest.” Matsui is a class act who Yankee fans knew would step up on the big stage. He is a professional hitter who is more dangerous than Ghidrah, the 3-headed monster, and it will be difficult for the fans and the team to have to decide whether to jettison Matsui or Damon, a real gamer, who is a year older than Matsui (his left arm is 10 years older). Kudos to Jeter, Mo, Pettitte & Posada. Now we can focus on the Celtics as there will be no more baseball in NYC, except for mandatory batting cage visits by Cano and Texeira, until next April.

  2. Patrick says:

    Did anyone else think Alex Rodriguez’s post-game comments sounded like a robot trying (and failing) to emulate human emotions? His pseudo-enthusiastic, “we’re going to party…” reaffirmed my belief that A-Rod is not a real human being.

    • jcarroll7 says:

      Hey, Patrick,
      I’ve given Rodriguez a temporary reprieve, but that doesn’t mean he’s changed in any significant way.

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