Ads ‘n’ Ends: Mass. Senate Race

From the race to (don’t say) replace Ted Kennedy:

• If you only watched television, you’d think Steve Pagliuca was running unopposed for the U.S. Senate. (He’s got ads on USA’s NCIS retreads for heaven’s sake.) Pagliuca (accent on the “pal”) is supposedly on track to spend $10 million on his campaign (which has yet to rise to the level of quixotic). If so, he’s probably halfway there. It makes no sense, but he’s Steve Pagliuca and he approves this mess.

• If you just paid attention to the debates, you’d think the Senate race had been privatized. Sponsors so far: the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate (a sort of talent show that seemed rigged from the start for Mike Capuano), and the AFL-CIO. Who’s next – Ernie Boch, Jr?

• The Boston Herald sure likes to needle Martha Coakley, doesn’t it? Sunday’s Halloween candydate profiles were priceless: the Herald reporters practically needed a subpoena to get the AG (who was dressed as herself) to reveal what treats she was dispensing:

[Coakley] was highly reluctant to say what kind of candy she handed out, or even to allow a reporter look in the bowl. After Coakley’s husband joined her at the door, she questioned what the story was about.

“We’re doing a story about the different kinds of candy the candidates are handing out,” a reporter said. “Do you mind if I take a look in the bowl?”

“It’s not in a bowl,” she corrected. “We’re having kids reach in the frog’s mouth and pull candy out.”

Just inside the entryway sat a large plastic frog with a gaping maw.

“Do you mind if I take off the frog’s head and take a look inside?” the reporter asked.

“No. I’d rather you didn’t,” she said.

At this point Coakley’s husband Thomas F. O’Connor queried, “You’re doing a story about candy?” and smirked, as though questioning the news value.

That’s a first for the Herald, eh?

Meanwhile, memo to Martha: Loosen up. The idea is to play hardball,not be wound tighter than one.

• Alan Khazei dressed as a pirate for those of you keeping score at home.




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4 Responses to Ads ‘n’ Ends: Mass. Senate Race

  1. Maybe she was just trying to save the Herald reporter from himself (is that really what he signed up for as a journalist–trick or treat candy stories?). No doubt, these were the candidates’ candies of choice given out on Sat. nite:

    Pagliuca: $100,000 (not the candy bar, actual money)

    Khazei: “Nickel Nips”(nonprofit background and all)

    Capuano: “Sugar Daddies” (gotta fund those junkets somehow)

    Coakley: “Baby Ruth” (secure the women’s vote)

    Jack E. Robinson: “Snickers” (laughable candidate)

    Scott Brown: Can’t eat candy and maintain one’s figure.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Lighten up guys.

    Just hacks hacking around.

    Give ’em a break.

  3. aging cynic says:

    So to recap:
    Republican Bain Capital Partner tries to replace Teddy, laid-off Ampad workers are bussed in from East Spitoon, Indiana.
    Democratic Bain Capital Partner tries to replace Teddy, suddenly he is a champion of “social justice” and the hero of “working people”.
    Boy, do we ever get the government we deserve. Good and hard.
    (H/T, HLM)

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