W Is for Wha?

Anybody else wondering exactly why “Inside the W” ran above the fold in the Boston Sunday Globe’s Money & Careers section, while “Fight against hunger in the Hub expands” ran below the fold?

Could it be that “the W Boston, a 28-story hotel that opens Thursday with 235 rooms and 123 residences” is a potentially lucrative advertiser, something the Greater Boston Food Bank is decidedly not?

Your conclusion goes here.

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4 Responses to W Is for Wha?

  1. media outsider says:

    Wow. This is an incredibly reckless and ignorant comment. If you’re going to accuse the Globe of skewing placement of stories to cater to advertisers, you should really do some basic research. Maybe interview someone at the Globe, for instance, about the decision. At least give the paper a chance to respond.

    If you did any research at all — like reading the Sunday Globe regularly — you might notice that the business section runs Q&As every week, like the one with the Food Bank director. And those Q&As almost always run entirely inside the section or start below the fold on the business front — whether it’s a nonprofit exec or corporate CEO. Indeed, the Food Bank Q&A actually got better play than many of the paper’s Q&As with potential advertisers.

  2. The “conclusion” you suggest is spot-on and supported by the Sunday Globe Magazine, which has dropped all pretense of trying to emulate The NYT Sunday Magazine in favor of being a “Boston Magazine” wannabe focused on high-end fashion and designing kitchens intended for Hollywood films, not cooking or eating in. Likewise, the message to be drawn from the destinations covered in the Travel pages and the restaurants that are reviewed is: “We know we’re losing readers, but if we at least can keep the ones who have money, we’ll be ok.”

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