Max Is the Minimum

U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Khazei (D-Here’s Another Press Release) has kicked off a four-day barnstorming tour with his political arm candy, Max Kennedy.

Khazei also ran a half-page ad  in Thursday’s Boston Globe headlined “Max Kennedy Endorses Alan Khazei,” which took the form of an open letter from Kennedy to the Citizens of Massachusetts. First paragraph (that has to rank as the worst pick-up line this side of “Do you come here often?”):

I never asked Senator Kennedy whom he would like to serve in his seat when he was gone. For most of my life, I, like so many others, thought he would always be there.

Wait a second – isn’t Max Kennedy the nephew of Ted Kennedy? So why does he refer to his uncle throughout the ad as “Senator Kennedy”?

This could have been written by anybody. Or nobody.

Not sure yet which Max Kennedy is.

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2 Responses to Max Is the Minimum

  1. af says:

    I saw the Khaezi interview on Emily Rooney’s Greater Boston, and was impressed by what he had to say and how he spoke. OTOH, this endorsement ad attributed to Max Kennedy, makes me to say ‘so what?’. If Patrick, Ted, Jr, Joe, or Vickie had endorsed him, I might pay attention. Max, all I can think about him was that feckless attempt to run for office a few years ago. I seem to recall an embarrassing interview or debate, in which he performed so poorly that he was out of the race soon after. An endorsement by myself would have as much impact as this one, which is to say…none.

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