Concept with a Capital K

U.S. Senate hopeful Alan Khazei (D-City Year) is trumpeting the endorsement of his candidacy by Max Kennedy,  son of Robert F. Kennedy.

From Thursday’s Boston Globe report on the gala endorsement:

Max Kennedy is endorsing City Year co-founder Alan Khazei in the US Senate race to fill the seat long held by Kennedy’s late uncle, Edward M. Kennedy, a significant endorsement for a candidate trying to quickly build his name recognition with Massachusetts voters.

By “significant,” of course, the Globe means “virtually useless.” The only constituency Max Kennedy represents is the Giggle Wing of the Democratic Party.

Max Kennedy got into the 2001 race to succeed Joe Moakley, the late Massachusetts congressman, but pulled out of the contest after a rocky start, citing his three young children as the reason.

That “rocky start” was an announcement speech that Kennedy giggled his way through, after which he performed a slow-motion exit from the race.

Max Kennedy for Khazei?

Is to laugh.

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3 Responses to Concept with a Capital K

  1. ctrenta says:

    You’re right. This is laughable.

    I rolled my eyes when I heard Khazei’s running for Senate. I’m a City Year-Boston alum and I saw him on TV practically yelling with excitement to a WCVB reporter why he’s running for Senate. It reminded me of all the canned enthusiasm that came out at City Year public events. It was annoying as heck because it was all so cheesy… and so fake.

    Dream on, Alan.

  2. I did a story on City Year for the ABA’s Student Lawyer magazine years ago and remember Khazei as being friendly, but his City Year cohort, Michael Brown, as having more “gravitas.” Still, it would be interesting if he were to win–would every Boston resident get a free t-shirt? Khazei is more credible than fellow “progressive” Democrat Steve Pagliuca, who whenever he remembered to vote in elections, seemed to choose Romney, Bush, and other non-Democratic types.

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