Errors o’ the Day (pat. pending)

Let’s stipulate, as they say on the Law & Order industrial complex (Coming next fall: Law & Order Lunch), that there but for the grace of God go the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider.

Regardless . . .

Error o’ the Day #1:

Roger Williams University School of Law’s David A. Logan had an op-ed piece in Saturday’s Boston Globe about the “crazy-quilt of law” around reporter’s privilege – that is, the legal rights of journalists to protect confidential sources.

Recalling the rumpus when first-Robert-Novak-and-then-others outed CIA operative Valerie Plame (really, do you need links to all that?), Logan writes :

The jailing of Judith Miller from The New York Times and Matthew Cooper from Time underscores the risk of contempt citations and even incarceration that face reporters who rely upon confidential sources in the present legal and political environment.

Problem is, Matthew Cooper never went to jail.

(Miller, on the other hand, did 85 days in the sneezer, although not exactly “standing on her head” the way tough guys used to describe their stretches in stir.)

At post time, no correction had been appended to Logan’s Globe op-ed.

Error o’ the Day #2:

The Globe’s Names section on Saturday included this scoop:

Knisely off the air at WCRB-FM

Richard Knisely is out at WCRB-FM, where he’s been spinning classical music for a quarter century. WGBH, which this week announced plans to buy the station for $14 million, has unceremoniously dumped the longtime DJ.

Problem is, Knisely is out at WGBH-FM, not WCRB-FM, where he’s decidedly not been spinning classical music for, well, forever.

Saddled with an albatross of a building and a knee-buckling budget deficit, WGBH is one of the sadder cautionary tales of Boston media.

The Globe’s Names section should be careful it doesn’t follow suit.

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3 Responses to Errors o’ the Day (pat. pending)

  1. joe says:

    Have you alerted the Globe? If not, the paper might not realize it needs to correct the errors.

    • jcarroll7 says:

      You’re right, Joe. There was no correction in Sunday’s dead-tree edition of the Globe, and no correction attached to the Web version of the piece.
      So I’m sending a correction to the Globe. I’ll keep you posted.

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