Re-Checkin’ NECN

A couple of weeks ago the paid program “Style Boston” debuted on New England Cable News, and although the local chapter of Air Kiss Nation was all a-twitter, Style Boston was toe-curling TV to any of us civilians unlucky enough to stumble across it.

Back then, the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider noticed that NECN was not only taking money to air Style Boston, it was also taking segments of the program (which is “branded content:” sponsors don’t run ads, they’re embedded in the segments) and featuring them in the entertainment section of NECN’s website.

It still is.

At post time, five of the 16 featured stories on the first page of NECN’s entertainment section linked to segments from this week’s Style Boston, which I can’t say was dreadful only because I haven’t seen it.

But I can say this – again: Why is NECN pawning off advertising as editorial content?

NECN has a reputation for being a solid, substantial news source. It shouldn’t throw that away for short money from a third-rate production like Style Boston.

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