Ad o’ the Day (pat. pending)

So rock band Pearl Jam finally extricated itself from a seven-album deal with Sony that took 15 years to fulfill and they wind up signing with . . . Target?

Here’s the TV spot promoting Pearl Jam’s new offering Backspacer, available “only at Target, or download it only on iTunes.”

A largely sympathetic NPR piece – Pearl Jam, Playing a Business Deal by Ear – reports:

Starting Sunday, Sept. 20, you can buy Backspacer on the Pearl Jam Web site, on iTunes, on Xbox’s Rock Band game, as a Verizon ringtone or at Target.

Some fans were startled by the partnership with a big-box retailer. They remember how the band used to rail against corporate interests — tearing down ad banners at concerts and fighting a losing battle with Ticketmaster over service charges. So Pearl Jam made a point of getting Target to agree that the 800-some members of the Coalition of Independent Music Stores could also sell Backspacer.

A helluva lot of good that’s going to do.

Look for Pearl Jam Preserves soon at a Target near you. I’m guessing raspberry will sell best.

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