Brian Williams, NBC AncHuckster

Sunday night’s Emmy Awards weren’t bad, but the same can’t be said of NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams’ cameo, in which he flogged NBC’s Saturday Night Live Emmy-nominated writers.

Washington Post TV critic Lisa Moraes thought it was swell in her real-time blogging of the awards show.

The reading of best writers in comedy/variety series is always one of the highlights of the Emmy show but this year was particularly original. Billy Crystal singing the Letterman show names and Brian Williams reading hte [sic] “SNL” names were particularly good.

Or . . . maybe . . . a . . . little . . . unseemly – not unlike Williams’ pimping of Jay Leno’s new 10 p.m. show during the NBC News “Inside the White House” series last May.

It’s not that Williams is a wholly owned subsidiary of NBC’s entertainment division.

It’s just that he looks like it.

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1 Response to Brian Williams, NBC AncHuckster

  1. af says:

    Agreed. They’ve lost the integrity that maintained a clear line between reporting the news and promoting their network’s program. If you ever watch the local 6:00 PM news, how many times have you seen alleged news pieces that end with ‘and you can see the full… right here on channel 5 at 10:00 PM? If they deleted the self-promotion bits from their news, they could cut an entire 30 minute news program from their dinnertime lineup.

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