Martyr’s Vineyard

Good luck to Pres. Obama as he tries to have a carefree vacation on Martha’s Vineyard this week. Here’s White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton’s plaintive message to the press corps about Obama’s Excellent Adventure (via Chicago Sun-Times stalwart Lynn Sweet’s blog):

MR. BURTON: All right. I have specific instructions from the President for the press corps. He wants you to relax and have a good time. Take some walks on the beaches. Nobody is looking to make any news, so he’s hoping that you guys can enjoy Martha’s Vineyard while we’re there.

Yes, well, count Rush Limbaugh out of the coalition of the willing. Here’s Rushbo’s take: “President Obama Demands Privacy While on Marxist Vineyard Vacation.”

He calls Martha’s Vineyard “Marxist Vineyard.”

Get it?

It’s that level of incisive thinking that makes Limbaugh America’s trademark conservative voice.

God help us, every one.

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1 Response to Martyr’s Vineyard

  1. goldenae says:

    Please. It is that level of divisive talk that just make Limbaugh a “hater”. Any solution that requires people needing to work together needs to be void of input from Limbaugh. He is one of the most devisive individuals of our time. Despite a library of tasteless, racist comments, Limbaugh is worshipped by the likes of you. Limbaugh is out to serve himself and pad his wallet. People should stop rewarding him for his bad behavior and make him as accountable for things as he tries to make everyone he does not like be. Limbaugh is a loser on so many levels.

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