Sean Fishin’

The Global Worldwide Headquarters of Campaign Outsider was all abuzz this morning when we emptied the old mailbag and up to one letter poured out.

But what a letter: The return address on the envelope said simply, “Sean Hannity.”


Sean’s letter carried the salutation, “Dear American Fellow,” which it was lucky I was sitting down when I read it ’cause it’s kind of backwards and made me dizzy.

No matter, here’s how Sean began:

With the government in Washington wholly controlled by liberals, do you think conservative members of Congress have what it takes to block their disastrous policies?

If you’re like the listeners to my radio show, your answer is an emphatic ‘No!’

What’s the solution? Sean says it’s The Heritage Foundation, “an organization located right on Capitol Hill that for over 36 years has been showing their allies in Congress how to put conservative principles into action.”

(Special bonus: The Heritage Foundation media center features not a few Sean Hannity videos, including Sean Hannity on Bettering Ourselves, Sean Hannity’s Five Suggestions for the GOP, Sean Hannity’s Challenge to Conservatives,  Sean Hannity on Blaming President Bush, Sean Hannity on Liberals, and – my personal favorite – Sean Hannity on World War III.)

Of course, all that Sean Hannity costs money, so the Big Man asked me to “join the Heritage Foundation by enclosing a contribution of any amount – $25, $50, $100, $1,000 or any other amount you like.”

Fair enough. Here’s my two cents worth: Keep those letters coming, Sean.

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3 Responses to Sean Fishin’

  1. Michael Pahre says:

    Most media organizations ban such kinds of solicitations. But note that Fox News does not, which is why Hannity was able to attend a Rudy Giuliani campaign event during the 2007-8 cycle.

    The more Fox News people show up doing partisan political activity — and the Heritage Foundation is, for all practical purposes, a partisan-think tank — the organization will only be beating down its own profile amongst news organizations. And doing so while playing up to its narrower viewer base.

    Which sounds like what’s going on with the Republican Party as a whole, too.

  2. ctrenta says:

    You could always send their SASE’s back with no money at all. Non-profits hate that!

    • jcarroll7 says:

      Yeah – there was a time when people attached SASEs to bricks and dropped them in the mailbox as a protest against one company or another. Now they just flame-broil them in the flogosphere.

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