In the Tank?

Tank McNamara is a sporadically amusing comic strip that runs in the sports sections of roughly  300 newspapers, including the Boston Globe and the Washington Post.

Except not so much in the Post on Monday, as the paper’s comics blog noted (hat tip: Romenesko):

Today is the day that Dick Cheney advises the NFL to kill Michael Vick — the start of a satiric fictional storyline that, like a blindside sack or shooting accident, you just won’t see coming. At least not in The Washington Post.

That’s because The Post, both in print and online, chose not to run this week’s original “Tank McNamara” strips. Instead, Post readers will see syndicate-sanctioned “Tank” reruns.

The stripped-down version: “Tank McNamara” has embarked on a weeklong storyline addressing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s tricky decision about reinstating former Atlanta Falcon’s quarterback Michael Vick, who just did a two-year stretch in the slammer for animal abuse in the form of a dog-fighting ring.

The strip that the Post spiked featured this conversation between Goodell and former vice president Dick Cheney:

” I have to make a big move on Mike Vick.”

“Kill him.”

” Kill him?!?”

“Well, not you personally.”

Unlike the Post, the Globe did run the strip. It’ll be interesting to see if the Globe follows suit on Tuesday, or throws Tank under the bus.

Update: Turns out the Globe stuck with the Goodell/Cheney storyline. In fact, the New York Times reports that the Post seems to be the only paper that spiked the strip. Maybe that’s because they live in rifle range of Cheney.

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2 Responses to In the Tank?

  1. charles pierce says:

    Or maybe it’s because the WaPo is run by gutless, neo-conservative pissants like Fred Hiatt, who publish naked crapola from the likes of Will and Krauthammer.
    My guess, anyway.

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