This Kabuki’s For You, Part 2

You’d have to be Evelyn Wood herself to read all the reviews of last evening’s Beer Blanket Bingo at the White House.  Suffice it to say that the post mortems ranged from the predictable (the Drudge Report labeled Pres. Obama our “Bartender in Chief”) to the unpredictable (Slate reporter John Dickerson’s “13 Ways of Looking at a Brewski: Or the politics and semiotics of the Gates-Crowley beer summit”) to the totally predictable  (Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s statement to his house organ,

Narratives about race are as old as the founding of this great Republic itself, but these new ones have unfolded precisely when Americans signaled to the world our country’s great progress by overcoming centuries of habit and fear, and electing an African American as President.

File that under “Sentences We Never Finished,”  à la The Weekly Standard.

But the best reaction to the White House kegger, as David Letterman dubbed it, came from MSNBC video savant  Chris Matthews. Right after Cambridge police Sergeant James Crowley finished his cool, calm and collected press conference in the wake of Julyfest, Matthews said, “I have watched politicians for about 40 years now, he’s better than most of them.”

Politico’s Roger Simon gushed about Crowley, “Is that guy suave or what? ‘We had a cordial, productive discussion’ – he’s like a head of state.”

Matthews then exclaimed, “I feel like we’re watching ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ – we got our Susan Boyle here.”

I guess the only thing left is for some media-savvy British cop to arrest Susan Boyle in her home.

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3 Responses to This Kabuki’s For You, Part 2

  1. Peter says:


    Do you disagree with their points of Crowley’s poise throughout this fiasco. Admit it – everyone expected this guy to implode in the first 48 hours of this mess. Digging for skeletons in his closet, the media finds out the guy actually teaches anti-profiling classes at the Academy for example. The story that the media was looking for was that this guy was an absolute racist (they got their story from the Boston Police nitwit who emailed Yvonne Abraham). I remain totally impressed with how he’s handled himself to this point.

    • jcarroll7 says:

      No, Peter, I completely agree with the boffo reviews Crowley’s performance received. It’s the news media who come off as the biggest idiots in this fiasco.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    I wonder if Chris Matthews got a tingly feeling in his legs.

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