This Kabuki’s For You

If today’s Obama-Crowley-Gates beer klatche isn’t the most transparent photo op of 2009, it’ll do till something else comes along.

Dead giveaway that this is a shadow dance: Imageer-in-Chief Barack Obama has beer-shifted (for reasons that the chin-strokerati have belabored in Talmudic detail) from first-reported Budweiser to – Breaking! – Bud Light, accent on light.

Let’s hope Cambridge police Sgt. James Crowley and Harvard University poohbah Henry Louis Gates Jr. are more steadfast in their choice of malt beverages.

Beyond that there are the numerous public polls along the lines of  the BettyConfidential survey, “If you had a beer with the President, what would you discuss?”

All due respect, but who cares – outside of you, that is.

Regardless, the Beltway Beer Summit will no doubt produce more bromides than an Alka-Seltzer factory.

Given all the hoopla surrounding this brew-ha, it serves us right.

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1 Response to This Kabuki’s For You

  1. “Octoberfest” at the White House is such a cable news pat resolution to this depressing business, which has detracted from health care reform and other serious news stories. Only Ms. Whalen elicits any sympathy in this drama–the President spoke out of turn, Sgt. Crowley over-reacted in arresting a decidedly non-lethal Gates in his home and submitting a police report of dubious accuracy, and Prof. Gates–well, one thing they never teach at Harvard is humility. There will be photo ops galore when the Schlitz hits the fan at the White House and you know Fox News and talk radio will no doubt have an account about 2 inebriated black men ganging up on a police officer. Sigh.

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