Skipping Skip, Part 2

The hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider remains reluctant to jump into the media foolishness over L’Affaire Gates (see: any Bill O’Reilly or Keith Olbermann segment on the subject). But we would be remiss if we failed to point out this regrettable incident of wardrobe profiling.

According to the New York Times, Sabine Charles, “a white cardiologist who . . . is married to a black man,” said the following:

“Even here in this diverse area [of Chicago] I’ve heard people say, ‘Look at those black guys coming toward us.’ I say, ‘Yes, but they’re wearing lacrosse shorts and Calvin Klein jeans. They’re probably the kids of the professor down the street.’ ”

“You have to be able to discern differences between people,” she said, criticizing the practice of racial profiling. “It’s very frustrating.”

Yes it is – just as frustrating as the sting of lacrosse shortsism.

Free the Calvin Klein 1!

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