Skipping Skip

The hardworking staff here at Campaign Outsider has argued hammer and tongue over what our position should be on L’Affaire Gates.

For starters, we refer you to Media Nation, where Dan Kennedy, as always, has extremely thoughtful posts here and elsewhere. For another view, check out Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi’s take.

For us, we’ll just venture that in this situation, everyone ran true to form, as they say at  the  racetrack.

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4 Responses to Skipping Skip

  1. Steve Stein says:

    I would take issue with “everyone ran true to form”. I was surprised and disappointed at President Obama’s comments.
    – he stepped on his health care message big time
    – he commented on the situation without a thorough understanding of the facts
    – he could have easily (and accurately) ducked the question because the facts weren’t clear.

    Even though I agree with his “acted stupidly” remark, it was a stupid remark to make. I have come to expect more competence from the President, and he let me down here.

    • jcarroll7 says:

      Everything you say is true, Steve, and yet . . . Obama has a way of screwing up when he freelances. The Nancy Reagan “seances” crack, the wiseguy Special Olympics remark about his bowling prowess, etc. As much as he’s mocked for it, he’s better off sticking to the teleprompter – or, as you point out, the message du jour.

      • Steve Stein says:

        Ah. Confronting me with reality. It makes me sad.
        He’ll just have to learn to do better.

  2. charles pierce says:

    Hammer and tongue?
    Very nice.

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