Mo, Mo, Mo

Just watched Mariano Rivera close out the All Star Game with a 1-2-3 shutdown of National League batters.

(Full disclosure: I’m an out Yankee fan and have been for all of my 35 years in Boston. Well, most of them, anyway. I kind of kept quiet while watching, in a downtown Boston watering hole, Bucky Dent’s improbable 1978 playoff game home run.)

Rivera is one of the true good guys in major league baseball – incredibly gifted, accomplished, and classy. There’s no question he’s lost something over the past few years (hey – the Red Sox have gotten far enough into his head they should be paying condo fees), but performances like tonight’s – his record-setting fourth All Star save – are a reminder of just how special Mo is.

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4 Responses to Mo, Mo, Mo

  1. Mr Punch says:

    Actually, I don’t think the Sox have “gotten into his head” — in fact, he’s done better against them the last few years. Mo couldn’t handle Nomar in his prime, for sure, and the mid-decade Sox as a team simply ate up relievers, however outstanding — K-Rod, for example.

    Rivera is a classy guy, certainly. I remember him laughing good-naturedly at the cheers when he was introduced on opening day 2005.

  2. Rivera is a class act. He is a gifted athlete who can field and looks as trim at age 39 as he did back in ’96 when he was setting the table for John Wetteland. He owns up to blown saves and manages to remain a premier closer without feeling the need to don a kilt and dance or to point to the sky to thank a Supreme Being for enabling a cutter to paint the outside corner (even though he is a minister and might have special heavenly connections if he chose to use them).
    In hindsight, you probably regret being gracious during Dent’s ’78 HR, as I’m sure you donned a hairshirt during the Yanks’ ’04 collapse.

    • jcarroll7 says:

      Yeah, something tells me if I had done my little victory dance in that Park Square bar back in ’78, I wouldn’t have been around for the Wagnerian horrors of the ’04 collapse. Not sure which fate was worse.

  3. Michael Pahre says:

    Are you really an electric appliance that blows hot air in New England?

    Or, might you mean “Yankees fan” rather than “Yankee fan”?

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