Sanford an Easy Mark

I tend to agree with Slate’s John Dickerson’s piece on So. Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, which features this fabulous lede:

Mark Sanford is no longer missing, but he’s obviously lost.

I also agree with Lee Siegel’s Daily Beast post, in which he’s outraged that the liberal privacy crowd has been AWOL about the leaked emails between Sanford and his Argentine paramour, and that the anti-Patriot Act set hasn’t been howling about it.

The emails have been boffo boxoffice for So. Carolina’s The State, which has attracted almost two million hits in the past several days.

When I actually read the emails, though, it was just sad – two people caught in a position only a chiropractor could straighten out, expressing emotions that were more raw than a sushi buffet.

There’s a Peeping Tom facet to this affair that’s thoroughly unsettling. I’m done peeping.

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