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Seriously, When Did ‘Based On’ Turn Into ‘Based Off Of’?

From our Syn Tax on Bad Grammar desk Well the hardworking staff was blithely perusing the relentless Brian Stelter’s CNN Reliable Sources newsletter let night when we came across this: Really? Based off of? The hardwincing staff has endured this example of American … Continue reading

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Ambrose Bierce and Gerard Manley Hopkins: Writers Famous for Not Being Famous

You can argue with the politics of The Weekly Standard all you want, but the magazine’s Books, Arts & Society section is almost uniformly superb. Two recent examples are reviews of writers who failed to achieve fame in their lifetimes – … Continue reading

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Newt Dawn? Gingrich Seizes His “Moment”

From MSNBC’s First Read: Relishing in controversy, Gingrich cuts ad out of debate moment [From the Campaign Outsider Syntax Squad: No, guys – you either relish something or revel in it. Pick one.] To continue: No one can say that … Continue reading

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Politicians Taxing The English Language

Chalk up another one for the forces of Englessh – the process whereby words take on an ever narrower meaning. Latest exhibit, from Frank Bruni’s Sunday New York Times column about Grover Norquist, head of Americans for Tax Reform: Moments earlier, … Continue reading

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