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NYT to Run New ‘Truth Has a Voice’ Ad During Golden Globes

The New York Times is continuing its year-long Truth campaign with this spot on Sunday’s Golden Globes broadcast, spotlighting its coverage of sexual harassers from Weinstein to O’Reilly to dozens more.   According to Ad Age reporter Ann-Christine Diaz, “[the] … Continue reading

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Newspapers Fight Fake News Rap with Pep Squad for Truth

As our kissin’ cousins at Two-Daily Town noted the other day, newspapers are falling all over themselves trying to convince the American public that the press actually matters in a very real way. It started with the Washington Post pasting … Continue reading

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Real News Goes Full-Page Boogie at Donald Trump

Ever since Donald Trump became the tweeter-in-chief, the New York Times has been his favorite chew toy. Exhibit Umpteen (from yesterday):     But the Grey Lady is punching back. From yesterday’s Times:   Interestingly, takes you to the subscription department, … Continue reading

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