TNR = The Nude Republic (No Ads)

As the hardworking staff has noted previously (see here and here), the new New Republic is pretty much a reverse Potemkin magazine: all town and no facade.

Exhibit Umpteen: The current issue of The Nude Republic, which features three – count ’em, three – ads in toto: Inside front cover (Nuclear Matters), inside back cover (World Food Programme), back cover (Columbia University).

Hell, that’s just the cover charge for any publication’s print edition.

Speaking of which, the New Republic’s home page contains zero links to its print edition. Ditto for the Menu page.


Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 12.07.42 AM


Conclusion #1: TNR boy owner Chris Hughes is indeed totally dedicated to creating a vertically integrated digital media company.

Conclusion #2: It’s Kaddish for the hardworking staff’s subscription to The New Republic.

Which is actually no problem – we actually read a mere four pieces from the latest edition. None of them more than two pages.

That’s a -30-, yeah?

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