That’s Just So Mean! (Hillary Clinton Edition III)

From BuzzFeed:

Ron Johnson: Hillary Clinton Planned To Get Emotional To Evade Questions

“I think she just decided before she was going to describe emotionally the four dead Americans, the heroes, and use that as her trump card,” the senator tells BuzzFeed.



Point #1: Really?

Point #2: Is it possible Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson just decided before he was going to describe Clinton that way, and use that as his trump card?

Just wondering.

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4 Responses to That’s Just So Mean! (Hillary Clinton Edition III)

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    Her answer was somewhat self-serving, though, wasn’t it.

    It would seemme that somewhere along the line, SOMEONE was focused on not telling the truth; either that or Ambassador Rice was the one that got creative.

    She can have one or the other, but certainly not “everyone”.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      Not only self-serving, Mudge – self-contradictory. If you want to get to the heart of the matter, it DOES matter whether it was a protest or an assault.

  2. Or, it’s all just a bunch of crap from a shameless political party that exists solely to foist the biddings of a tiny, well-funded minority on the entire population.

    At some point the fact that the “party of business” takes a Corleone-like “it’s just business” approach to civic responsibility — as if they even believe in such a thing — becomes inescapable. The party of Eisenhower is now the party of Gordon Gekko, and truth is a laughable pretender to profit’s throne. Anything goes — and we’re a ruble’s throw from a gangster society.

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