Creepy Commercial o’ the Week (Weight Loss Edition)

An outfit called Medifast is currently running this commercial on cable networks:


How’d they do that?

Business Insider had the answer:

Filming began in January of last year with a group of Medifast customers who were willing to commit to the diet. They were told to imagine themselves after they had lost weight, and then told to ask themselves about it, what it was like to be thin. On the set, the actual conversation took place with a nutritionist.

Then, nine months later, the folks who had lost the most weight were asked back. “You have to shoot essentially the same commercial twice, and you have to have the camera in the exact same location at the beginning and at the end,” Sorenson says. Even the position of the furniture was logged.

With newly thin Tina sitting in the other chair, she then responded to the questions she had asked herself back in January. “It wasn’t very scripted at all,” Sorenson says. In the first session, Tina had experienced “a pretty emotional day on the set,” Sorenson says, which naturally became TV gold once she returned in fall looking like a million dollars.

The spot reminded the hardworking staff of this YouTube video, which is also creepy:


Then again, it’s been viewed over nine million times.

So what do we know?

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