Let The Fiscal Cliff Rumpus Begin! (Fix The Debt Edition)

The hardwatching staff has been waiting for Fix the Debt, the Magilla Gorilla of fiscal cliff hall monitors, to weigh in on TV.

And now it has.

From Politico’s Playbook:

Fix the Debt’s first TV ad (60 seconds, national buy), featuring an Army reservist, a CPA, a teacher, a farmer, a physician and a businesswoman (with baby on lap). Type on screen: “We need to do more than avoid the fiscal cliff.”

The spot:


Fix the Debt has megabucks to spend and a dazzling array of high-profile members, from Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson to Michael Bloomberg and Michael Peterson, president and CEO of the Peter G. Peterson (his dad) Foundation, which coincidentally ran this full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times:

Picture 3


Don’t worry that you can’t read it because, well, you wouldn’t read it.

But these folks signed it: Sam Nunn, Paul O’Neill, Paul Volker, Jim Baker, George Schultz, Henry (the man who put the K in Amerika) Kissinger.

Get their drift?

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One Response to Let The Fiscal Cliff Rumpus Begin! (Fix The Debt Edition)

  1. They don’t care about the debt. They care about low tax rates for rich people and making the poor and the old pay for it.

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