WSJ: Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Epiphany

For months now, the Wall Street Journal has been on Elizabeth Warren like Brown on Williamson.

The latest example, from today’s WSJ editorial page:

Elizabeth Warren’s Tax Epiphany

The liberal heroine finds an ObamaCare levy to repeal.

Nut graf:

In an op-ed for the ages in the Massachusetts Medical Devices Journal this week, Ms. Warren came out against ObamaCare’s 2.3% excise tax on medical device manufacturers that kicks in next year. Such a levy has no place in a “fair tax system,” she says, and she favors repeal. Ms. Warren even uses that word, repeal, which in the context of government health care might raise an eyebrow or two on Boston Common or whatever park her followers are occupying these days.

(Read the op-ed here.)

It certainly raised eyebrows at the Journal, which notes that “Massachusetts is a hub of the medical device industry,” which might be the reason Ms. Warren opposes that particular aspect of Obamacare (but none of its other Journal-designated unfair tax targets).

Journal conclusion:

Run down the list of all the things ObamaCare will harm and every item is important to somebody somewhere. So here’s a simpler idea: Given that so many Democrats are unhappy with these results, by all means let’s get rid of the whole thing and re-fight health care all over again to get a less destructive result.

File under: Ms. Warren’s Profession.

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