That’s Rich! (GOP 75% Edition)

Ever since Frank Rich exited the New York Times and entered the Richness Protection Program at New York magazine, the hardworking staff has worried about him dropping off the chin-strokerati radar screen.

So we’re launching our That’s Rich! series (pat.pending), starting with his latest installment in New York:

The Molotov Party

For the new GOP, conservative isn’t nearly radical enough.

Even those who loathe Karl Rove’s every word may be hard-pressed to dispute his pre-Christmas summation of the Republican circus so far: “the most unpredictable, rapidly shifting, and often downright inexplicable primary race I’ve ever witnessed.” And all this, as he adds, before a single vote has been cast. The amazing GOP race has also been indisputably entertaining, spawning a new television genre, the debate as reality show. Installment No. 12, broadcast by ABC in the prime-time ghetto of a Saturday night in early December, drew more viewers (7.6 million) than that week’s episode of The Biggest Loser. It’s escapist fun for the entire family (Hispanic and gay families excluded). Or it would be were it not for the possibility that one of the contestants could end up as president of the United States.

Rove does have one thing wrong, however. His party’s primary contest, while unpredictable, is not inexplicable. It is entirely explicable.

Because of, Rich says, the firebrand 75% of Republicans who can’t stand Mitt Romney (R-How You Like Me Now?).

Whoever ends up on the GOP ticket or in the White House, the 75 percent is no sooner going to disappear than the aggrieved 99 percenters in the blue populist camp. What Republican aristocrats in denial like Karl Rove can’t bring themselves to recognize is that “the most unpredictable, rapidly shifting, and often downright inexplicable primary race” they’ve ever seen is not just a conservative revolution but one that has them in its sights.

Circular firing squad to follow.

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