Rachel Maddow Jumps The Zuccotti Park

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow is usually pretty scrupulous about her facts, but last night she blatantly misled her audience in a segment that highlighted Occupy Wall Street’s improbable ad campaign:

Occupy Wall Street still showing no signs of slowing down, the group using donations to run advertisements on TV explaining in their own words why they’re protesting.

[Ad clip:]

>> i want economic justice.

>> i want to be able to speak my voice without jeopardizing my job.

>> i want a greater regulation of the banks and the markets.

>> i want true democracy for the 99% of us who don’t have it anymore

That ad will be running thanks to donations on Bloomberg Business TV, on ESPN, on History International, on CBS Sports, on the Gayle King Show, on “Gray’s Anatomy,” and Friends Outdoor Channel and Fox News.

Sounds like a major ad campaign, yes? Except Maddow failed to mention that the spots were mostly running on cable and satellite TV in New York City, as the hardworking staff noted yesterday (via Mashable):

[Occupy Wall Street supporters] chipped in more than $6,000 to a crowdfunding campaign that will put a video of protesters explaining their objectives in the commercial lineup of cable television channels . . .

Bloomberg Business TV (nationally) as well as ESPN, CBS Sports, History International, Outdoor Channel, Gayle King Show, Grey’s Anatomy and Friends (on DISH network, Direct TV and Verizon Fios) will all be running the commercial. It is expected to air on Fox News seven times.

$6000 can only buy you so much. Except, apparently, on the Rachel Maddow Show.

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