Gun Control Advocates Put Scott Brown In The Crosshairs

Activist group Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is targeting Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Don’t Tase Me, Bro!) in full-page newspaper ads like this one in Wednesday’s Boston Globe:

Via the Huffington Post:

[T]he Coalition to Stop Gun Violence placed a full-page ad in the Boston Globe on Wednesday, urging Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) to oppose any bill that would achieve nationwide concealed carry reciprocity among states.


The bill dictates that a person “carrying a concealed handgun” legally under his or her state law “shall be permitted to carry a handgun subject to the same conditions or limitations that apply to residents of the State who have permits issued by the State or are otherwise lawfully allowed to do so by the State.”

Translation: Some looney Texan could be strapped in your local Starbucks.

According to the website On the Issues (about which the hardsearching staff found very little, especially on its own website), these are Scott Brown’s positions on gun control:

  • Allow citizens to carry concealed guns.
  • Require manufacturers to provide child-safety locks on guns.
  • Require background checks on gun sales between private citizens at gun shows.
  • Require a license for gun possession.

If that’s true, concealed carry reciprocity opponents have reason to be concerned.

More, undoubtedly, to come.

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