The Seamus Sweepstakes™ Lives! (II)

Today’s piece from New York Times columnist Gail Collins had the hardsweating staff wondering until the very end whether the Seamus Sweepstakes™ would finally be settled, but at the last possible moment, Collins came through.

From the beginning:

The Gift of Glib

Right now you’re probably asking yourself, how did Rick Perry do in the big Republican debate in New Hampshire this week?

He did great! It turns out that Governor Perry has a big energy plan, known as “The Plan I’m Going to Be Laying Out.” When he does, it’s going to be the answer to almost everything. We know that because no matter what Perry was asked, he talked about the plan. Which will involve “the American entrepreneurship that’s out there.” And a whole lot more. When he’s ready to tell you.

From the ending:

As things stand, the Perry camp is apparently planning to keep their guy in the background during debates and hit Romney over the head with mean commercials. That shouldn’t be too hard. Maybe they’ll include the day Mitt drove to Canada with the family dog on the car roof.

Praise the Lord! The Seamus Sweepstakes™ goes on.

It’s clearly not too late to guess when Gail Collins will write about Mitt Romney without mentioning “the day Mitt drove to Canada with the family dog on the car roof” – and win an all-expenses-paid lunch with the hardworking staff.

Don’t wait! Enter now!

(Michael Pahre, eat your heart out. Bob Gardner, you’re still in it.)

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7 Responses to The Seamus Sweepstakes™ Lives! (II)

  1. Mr Punch says:

    She’s doing this on purpose, you know. The fix is in.

  2. Curmudgeon says:

    Tie her on the roof and drive to Canada?

  3. I believe that my prediction was October 15. Collins has her column scheduled for Saturday the 15th, no? Still crossing my fingers for Lala Rokh.

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