WSJ Has It In The Bag

Thursday Wall Street Journal headline:

The Messages a Man Sends With His Work Bag


Caption: Greg Unis, vice president of men’s merchandising for Coach, holds a Bleecker tote at a Coach store in New York City.

The hardworking staff: This guy is a weenie.

The Missus: This guy is carrying his wife’s bag.

Your message goes here.

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2 Responses to WSJ Has It In The Bag

  1. Arafat Kazi says:

    Whatevz, girlfriend! Coach hasn’t been the same ever since Krakoff left.

    Which is to say that a) this guy is totes a wimp (pun intended), b) the New Yorker profile of Krakoff was competent but now seems like Moby-Dick when compared to this fluff piece, and c) my dad carries a man-purse from Coach and we’ve been having this argument for years.

    Real men use Timbuk2 or Chrome until they can afford a suit & briefcase & significantly younger secretary (preferably resembling Christina Hendricks).

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