That’s Rich: Why The Times Columnist Bolted To New York Magazine

By one reading, New York Times columnist Frank Rich is just another pawn in the chess smackdown between the Times and New York magazine.

Via MediaWeek:

Since September, the New York Times Magazine has had New York magazine editor Adam Moss up against the ropes. Tuesday, Moss pulled a Micky Ward, taking Times op-ed giant Frank Rich for New York.

As editor of the New York Times Magazine, Moss created the weekly that readers know today before decamping to New York in 2004. Last September—perhaps as an act of long-overdue revenge—the Times Magazine snagged Hugo Lindgren, who Moss had hired twice at New York, to be its new editor. As the New York Observer pointed out at the time, the move marked the beginning of an “intriguing rivalry” between the two publications.

According to Rich, though, his move was all about the Times (via WWD):

“As much as I love the Times, there was no way for me to reinvent myself at the Times,” said Rich. “I’ve been a critic, I’ve been a columnist at the magazine, a senior writer writing pieces for the well of the magazine, and then did both kinds of op-ed columns, including one they very nicely created for me.”

Hard to believe that the Times wouldn’t have created anything Rich wanted next.

Your speculation goes here.

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2 Responses to That’s Rich: Why The Times Columnist Bolted To New York Magazine

  1. Alan Grossberg says:

    Hard to know the real reason(s) for the move without being a fly on the wall, but my armchair guess is that Rich has entered mid-life crisis-ville. While he will be able to write longer pieces and explore other Net and print venues, I think it might come at the expense of markedly reduced exposure. Nothing compared to the reduced eyeballs Keith Olbermann will attract in moving to Current TV, but there’s no way Rich will have as many readers at New York as he did at the Times.

    • Campaign Outsider says:

      From all the similar reactions I’ve encountered (see especially: Slate’s Jack Shafer, Media Nation’s Dan Kennedy), you’re absolutely right, Alan.

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