One For The Old Man

Whenever we talked about religion (which was far too often), my father, Jack Carroll – a.k.a. Black Bart (don’t ask), a.k.a The Silver Fox (he turned gray at age 26 . . .  because of me, he always said) –  would eventually tell me, “Read Cardinal Newman, friend.”

(Never a good sign when the old man called me “friend.”)

Cut to: John Henry Newman, currently fast-tracked for sainthood in the Roman Catholic Church.

Via the New York Times:

Pope Ends British Trip With Beatification


A day after drawing both adoring crowds and the largest protests of his papacy, Pope Benedict XVI wrapped up a historic and contentious four-day visit to Britain on Sunday, moving a Catholic convert one step closer to sainthood and recalling the valor of Britons during the Second World War.

The valor of Britons during the Second World War always plays well in England, but not so for Newman!

[I]n a move that may prove less popular here, the pope beatified Cardinal John Henry Newman at an outdoor Mass in a park here on Sunday.

The pope praised Cardinal Newman, a 19th-century thinker and writer who left the Church of England and the pulpit of Oxford University to convert to Catholicism, for “his insights into the relationship between faith and reason, into the vital place of revealed religion in a civilized society, and into the need for a broadly based and wide-ranging approach to education.”

The beatification was sure to raise hackles with some Anglicans, who are already smarting from the Vatican’s announcement last year that it was creating a new structure for traditionalist Anglicans uncomfortable with the church’s ordaining women and openly gay priests to convert to Catholicism.

“Some Anglicans” might not like the idea of St. John Henry Newman. But the Silver Fox decidedly would.

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