Boston Herald Reveals Identity Of Underage Sexual Assault Victim

From Thursday’s Boston Herald:

Bully laments role in ‘sick’ sexual assault

A Canadian prep-school punk yesterday apologized to the classmate he assaulted as an obscene videotaped “joke” during a Hub field trip, assuring him, “I used to be somewhat of a bully, but I am working hard to make myself a better, more caring person.”

The boys from the prestigious Ashbury College boarding school in Ottawa were visiting Boston in November 2007 when Armin Ruzbie, now 19, entered the 16-year-old victim’s Midtown Hotel room with four other students.

Assistant Suffolk District Attorney Leora Joseph said Ruzbie laid face-down on the victim’s backside, pressing against his buttocks while a second youth held the victim down. Ruzbie then pulled down the victim’s pants and assaulted him, yelling, “Take it!” as the episode was filmed. Joseph said Ruzbie later told the victim, “It’s just a joke.”

Above the story in the dead-tree edition of the Herald are two photos: one shows Ruzbie, the other shows the “Assault Victim” (although we won’t, and the Herald website – surprisingly – doesn’t).

So, to review . . . the Herald doesn’t name underage assault victims, but running a photo of one is okay?


This is the second time in the past several days the hardworking staff has been led to question the Herald’s policy on covering sexual assaults.

Something’s out of whack at the feisty local tabloid.

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5 Responses to Boston Herald Reveals Identity Of Underage Sexual Assault Victim

  1. af says:

    The Herald gets its circulation by selling papers at the newsstand, one at a time, not by subscription. They have to sell each reader anew every day. In order to entice their readers to buy them, they have to get their attention by titillating them with sensational, front pages, and similarly exciting stories. The examples from Campaign Outsider’s posts are examples of that. Also, this policy develops from the top down, so look to Pat Purcell and his mentor Rupert Murdoch for this philosophy. I hope this isn’t going to also be a trademark of the Joe Sciacca era at the Herald.

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  3. Laurence Glavin says:

    Hmmmm…I wonder if this subject will be brought up on *channel 19’s “Beat the Press” tonight or any night. (WGBH-TV has been broadcasting on channel 19 since the analog-to-digital switch over a year ago.)

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