Campaign Outsider Update Event™

Whenever the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider is faced with three posts to update, we promptly issue an official Update Alert© and host an official Update Event (pat. pending).

To wit:

Mark Zuckerberg’s Facetime Farce, Revisited

When we posted about Facebook honcho Mark Zuckerberg’s No Apologies Tour, the hardworking staff was unable to access the transcript of his NPR “All Things Considered” interview. So our documentation of Zuckerberg’s “totally obfuscating” responses was incomplete.

Well, we still can’t access the transcript.

But listen here for listener reaction to the interview and Zuckerberg’s most obfuscating answer.

In other words: In your face, Facebook users.

Boston Globe Anti-Israel, Part Two

The other day we noted Marty Peretz’s post at sandblasting the Boston Globe for its persistent hostility to Israel – in this case illustrated by a deeply unrepresentative report about last Sunday’s Brandeis University commencement.

Friday’s Globe Letters to the Editor backed Peretz up.

Representative sample, from a letter headlined “Israel-bashing, to a fault:”

“Your paper continues to attack Israel and Israelis whenever you’re given an opportunity and even when you have to create one.”

Sounds like the Globe has created one big headache.

BP Still Stands For Bogus Promises

BP’s damage-control ad campaign  – which the hardworking staff detailed here and here – has now entered a new phase.

Wall Street Journal full-page ad headline:

We Will Make This Right

Lots of people think that’s wrong.

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