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From our Late To The Party desk:

The Boston Herald has been spouting off about the WRKO/Tom Finneran/Click On The Jumping Whale kerfuffle for several days now.

The back story:

Finneran, co-host Todd Feinburg and producer Bill Cooksey were yakking about nail clippings Friday when the on-air exchange went below the belt, according to audio obtained by the Herald.

“The Kowloon’s crunchy today. Nancy! Nancy! What’s with all the toenails?” said Cooksey, referring to Carr and his producer, who goes by the alias Sandy on the air but whose real first name is Nancy.

“You mean Sandy his producer?” Feinburg asked.

“Or whoever. Whatever she calls herself today,” Cooksey said.

“Click on the jumping whale,” said Finneran.

(“The jumping whale reference,” the Herald reported, “comes from a radio spot touting an Alaskan cruise with Feinburg. At the end of the commercial, Feinburg tells WRKO listeners to click on the jumping whale on the station’s Web site for more details.”)

Since then, the Herald has been on this story like blubber on Moby-Dick.

Saturday’s headline:

Tom Finneran: No regrets over whale clip


WRKO radio host Tom Finneran said he has no second thoughts about the disparaging on-air crack he made regarding Howie Carr’s female producer when confronted outside the station’s Brighton studios yesterday.

When asked whether he regretted making the “whale” comment, Finneran told the Herald, “There’s nothing to regret. I’m not making any comment.” The former House speaker also said he had no comment when asked whether station management has talked to him about his remark.

Okay. Rewind to the original sin:

Finneran and his minions were yakking about nail clippings?

Seriously? That’s what morning-drive talk radio has come to?

No wonder the hardworking staff at Campaign Outsider routinely sleeps in.

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