Even I – a certified pulp guy in a pixel world – find the new Sports Illustrated tablet-friendly digital magazine wicked pissah. From Marketing Vox:

The Sports Illustrated tablet offering will feature the magazine’s content, other selected material from its website, and ads enhanced with video, store finders, and other functionalities, AdAge reports. Users will be able to flip through the pages as if they were reading the print version, but will also have the ability to rearrange sections or specific articles as they choose.

In other words, a total-immersion machine.

SI’s video tour (via the New York Times Media Decoder blog) features a weird-but-ear-catching narration that starts out this way: “Hello, I’m Terry McDonell. I’m the editor of Sports Illustrated, and here’s your new issue.”

What follows is a mix of video, still photography, print pieces, and endless choices. Back to McDonell’s voiceover:

“You can read SI any way you want. Go with the editors’ version . . . then move on to what we’re calling the ‘flip view’ of the entire magazine . . . then maybe stop and take a closer look at the cover story . . . ”

All the while, the video features an anonymous finger scrolling through the magazine on an e-reader. Every time a new screen appears – Dead Tree Alert! – you hear the sound of a page turning.


Back to McDonell: “And here’s something else we’re working on: If you like the SI swimsuit issue, ask yourself – what if it came to life?”

(Insert swimsuit video here. Subscribe. Repeat.)

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