Ad o’ the Day©

The Coca-Cola Company is officially on the run.

The soft drink giant ran another full-page ad in Friday’s Wall Street Journal as part of its Live Positively (read: Don’t Ban Us from Schools) campaign, which features a series of “Real Savvy Families” videos (they don’t drink too many carbonated beverages), and a series of newspaper ads.

The latest salvo from the sugar-industrial complex carries the headline, “Listening to the people best equipped to make decisions for kids.”

First paragraph of body copy:

We understand that parents and caregivers prefer to decide what to serve their children, and school leaders are the experts when it comes to educating our nation’s youth. Here’s what we’re doing to help support them.

Those bold steps include: Responsible Marketing, School Guidelines, and Physical Education Programs.

Wake me when kids stop drinking soda.

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