Sign o’ the Times®

The former Hollywood Video store on Harvard Street in Brookline remains closed (umpteen years and counting), thanks to a lawsuit filed by neighbors trying to block Chestnut Hill-based Women’s Health Services (read: abortion clinic) from moving into the space.

As the Brookline Tab reported:

The lawsuit, which was filed in Norfolk Superior Court [last month], claims town officials failed to consider the impact anti-abortion protestors could have on the neighborhood before approving permits for Women’s Health Services, a Chestnut Hill clinic that plans to move in to 111 Harvard St.

Regardless, every night the defunct Hollywood Video sign resolutely lights up. Except part of it’s burned out, so what you see is:


Two questions:

1) Why does the sign light up at all every night?

2) Isn’t “Holy Woe” the best slogan ever for the anti-abortion set?

Just askin’.

(Campaign Outsider InstaNote™: To keep the hardworking staff from receiving up to several scorched-earth responses to the above post, let’s stipulate that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit aren’t necessarily anti-abortion, just anti-abortion-clinic in that location.)

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