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Peggy Noonan’s latest Wall  Street Journal column (headline: “The Reagans and the Kennedys”) recalls Ronald Reagan’s speech at a 1985 fundraiser for the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library, “which at the time was relatively new and the only presidential library that didn’t have an endowment.”

And so, June 24, 1985. I had worked on the speech, to my delight—JFK had been a childhood hero—and Reagan went off in a happy mood, waving his cards at Pat Buchanan, the director of communications. “I bet you love my speech, Pat!” he said as he bounded out of the West Wing.

It’s unclear what “worked on the speech” actually means, but Noonan means to take full credit for it in the excerpt that consumes about two-thirds of the column.

That said, it seems to be a pretty good speech.

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One Response to Ad o’ the Day™

  1. Curmudgeon says:

    It would appear that Noonan’s pitch is more about her next job than it is about one of her past.

    But that is the way of the political elite, is it not?

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