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Romney for President: InterMittion!

From our new Mitt-Mash desk The indefatigable Andrew Kaczynski posted this listicle on BuzzFeed yesterday. 31 Completely Normal Things Mitt Romney Did After Losing The Election The candidate’s daughter-in-law has run an active mommy blog for years and it’s full … Continue reading

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Scott Brown Goes Shirtless, Clueless

The relentless Andrew Kaczynski just posted this at BuzzFeed: Scott Brown Sent Out An Email Featuring A Vaccine Truther And Conspiracy Theorist An odd email from the former Massachusetts senator. Former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown is thinking of running for … Continue reading

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Benjamin Netanyahu On Boston TV In 1978

BuzzFeed’s relentless clip whisperer Andrew Kaczynski has unearthed a 25-year-old appearance by now-and-then Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on WGBH’s The Advocates. 28-Year-Old Benjamin Netanyahu On A Local Boston TV Show In 1978 The future Israeli Prime Minster and MIT … Continue reading

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